Armenian Tourism Federation

We are strong together

Our Objectives and Tasks

— Represent travel industry and tour operators’ interests;

— Maintain communication between government agencies and private sector.

— Promote legislative reforms;

— Securing skilled personnel through training programs. Assist high educational institutions in shaping programs according to the needs of business enterprises;

— Expand business opportunities for our member tour operators, provide a platform for the exchange of experience, contacts with tour operators from other countries. Organize fam trips, roundtables, panel of discussions, workshops.

— Support sustainability and social responsibility in the industry;

— Counselling of members, especially legal problems and taxation.

— Participate in shaping public policy for tourism;

— Cooperate with International organizations and Foreign Missions Representations in Armenia.

— Promote tour product, active involvement in different kinds of festivals, foster rural tourism.


Armenian Tourism Federation (ATF) is a professional, voluntary union of legal entities, created with the primary purpose of integrity within the tour operator industry. ATF was founded in 2004 and became the first travel organization to push forward vitally important issues.
The founding members recognized the need for a unified voice to protect the interests of tour operators and the traveling public. Today our active members represent the leading companies in travel and tourism, account for the big portion of the tour operator market in Armenia. We have over 35 full members and a dozen of associated members (tourism bus companies, resorts, carpet making companies, hotels etc.).
We joined UNWTO Global Code of Ethics and our members are required to adhere to the principles of ethical conduct, to carry out business according to a set of professional standards.
The following is a brief description of our plan, which envisages a dynamic and successful travel industry and sets out what we will do to support the delivery of that vision for the benefit of our Members and of tourism industry as a whole.
Our plan is broken up into seven strategic drivers, which brings together our strategic focus in support of successful travel and tourism industry.
  1. Protection of ATF Members’ interests:
Successful businesses, competitive business environment, legislative reforms, certification process in the industry; helping to train qualified personnel;
  1. ATF brand advantage, enhance the role and image of ATF Brand as the mark of quality and security.
Member advice, Consumer advice
  1. Quality product, ATF Members are known for providing quality experiences that are reliable, accessible, safe and sustainable:
Provide high quality transport means, free movement of people, health and safety standards in destinations, Code of Conduct to protect consumer rights. Effective collaboration with hotels, resorts and B&B;
  1. Leadership in sustainability, international collaboration,
  1. CSR principles; rewarding jobs: opportunity, fairness and equality at the workplace;
  2. Collaboration between private sector and local and national governments: mutual understanding and respect between the industry and the government, fair use of taxes, lobbying, public affairs , research/assessment
  3. Voice of the industry, public relations, marketing communications.

ATF members are independent companies 

Most of them are owner-managed, specializing in particular destinations or types of holiday; this means that they are uniquely placed to provide personalized advice, based on first hand experience. Every ATF member is passionate about its chosen destinations or activities and is keen to share that enthusiasm with discerning holidaymakers.

ATF Members

ATF Members

Associate Members

ATF Associate Members

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